Kitesurfers, Sandbanks, 2019

R 100,000.00

This was painted in winter, when the winds are up and your lungs are longing for bellowfulls of sea air. I have a client who has become a great friend lives on a rarified spit of land, at one time the most expensive real estate per square metre in Europe . He has many of my paintings, and particularly likes the mixed media work I do. I often make painting trips to this area, and particularly enjoy kitesurfers for the motion and colourful interaction of the subject.

The bay and landscape behind it are a perfect backdrop for the subject of kitesurfers. The sounds of their conversing between them, avoiding one another, squeals of joy, and the occasional recrimination as their sails flap like the sound of a steam train when the wind collects them. When I first started painting here, it was a novelty and cars would shunt to a halt and get out and come and have a look. This friend would try to station me as close to his balcony as possible. If one of the cars contained a particularly pretty girl, he would in a moment of rare magnanimity offer the curious onlooker a glass of wine. Occasionally, they would accept, and some good friendships developed. Among them, a flaming redhead called June,who went to live in Corfu, probably in an effort to get away from us, and ended up marrying an Egyptian. She  succeeded with that, as we never heard from her again.

It is a wonderful subject but elusive. As I don't work from photographs but from life, one has to hope the requisite elements which will make for an interesting painting of them will oblige. So that even if flaming redheads don't jump out of cars to enquire what you are up to, the excitement of the scene still gives me a buzz. And occasionally, I think of June paddling up the Nile. 

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